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With rich experience in providing various led products, such as led strips, led rigid bar, led fluorescent tube, led bulb light, etc., we insist on developing new led products to meet the increasing requirements of our customers.Product PDF Download6.2M
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What is an LED?

LED bulbsLED bulbs are semiconductors, just like a computer chip. When electricity is passed through them, they emit energy in the form of light. They are "doped" or injected with certain chemicals, that determine their light color. LEDs convert the majority of energy passed through them to light, as opposed to incandescent bulbs that produce light as a by-product of being heated thus they can be up to 90% more efficient than traditional household filament bulbs.

Types of LED Bulbs There are two basic types of LED bulbs :

LEDs are directional in nature by the way they're built so any application that requires directional lighting such as track lighting, flood/spotlighting and recessed lighting are a great candidate for using LEDs. Some LED bulbs can have an additional lens that can spread or concentrate the light after it exits the LED element.
For areas where you need light all around you want to look for a globe-shaped bulb. This "solves" the directional light problem by using a lens at the top of the bulb to disperse the light at wider angles. These however, are a still a work around for the directional nature of LEDs and as result, you get less light output...
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LED Products Quality Control

LAC Opto Electronics is committed to supply customers energy saving and long-standing intelligent LED lighting products. Our goals are to meet your needs, providing friendly after-sales support and establish industry standards.
With efforts of marketing unit, R&D, QC and dialogs with end-users, our products have been designed, produced and tested according to industry standards, end-users' requests and our own quality policy.
Guided by quality-oriented policy, equipped with professional quality engineers and skilled QC staff, Lijing QC team performs advanced and strict quality control procedure from start to finish to all LED lights products

About Us

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LAC Opto Electronics is a professional manufacturer that engages in the design, research, production of LED applied products, like LED Strips, LED Light bar, LED bulbs, LED Spot Light, LED T tube, LED Down Light, etc. Since LAC is founded in 1999, we insist on the design concept that is to be high-effective, energy-saving, and environment-friendly. Basing on professional technology, advanced design concept and excellent staffs, we continuously develop and create high-effective, energy-saving LED application products, to advance with times.
Taking culture, originality, technology and energy-saving as the core...

Advantages of LEDs

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LED bulbs are uniquely placed to offer new lighting applications and techniques in addition to those already existing. There are many advantages to using LED lighting, advantages which will in crease as the cost of manufacture of LED light bulbs decreases.

Economic Advantages
The long lifetime of LED light bulbs, up to 50,000 hours, means that in most applications LED light bulbs are maintenance free.

Architectural Advantages
Colored lighting can be produced much more efficiently by LED lights than traditional lighting can. LED light bulbs also provide a much richer and consistent color given their narrow wavelength and there is greater scope for color mixing.

Technical Advantages
LED light bulbs are an extremely safe form of lighting, typically requiring low voltages and emitting little heat In the direction of illumination. Even in the event of a fault, LED products remain safe.

Environmental Advantages
The low energy use of LED products means that highly efficient lighting solutions can be developed to replace existing, inefficient lighting.